D9901: Search&Replace: Make exclude filter work on the relative subdirs

Kåre Särs noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jan 16 08:01:27 UTC 2018

sars added a comment.

  According to my tests build* does work as expected, but build/* does not work. I'm actually a bit surprised that the latter works in "Project" mode.
  Basically this change would make it possible to exclude only directories with a "xxxx/*" pattern, at a the cost of a bit slower generation of the search-files-list as it would always iterates over the whole path+filename.
  An alternative approach would be to check for '/' at the end of a pattern and in that case remove the '/' but only exclude directories. So in stead of "xxxx/*" we would have "xxxx/"....

  R40 Kate


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