D17730: [WIP] Review KateStatusBar (based on D17729)

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Thu Dec 27 07:08:43 GMT 2018

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  - Only show lineColLabel context menu when click on it and not somewhere on the bar
  As "usual" without all other patches.
  > No idea how the spell-checking code handles that.
  I have a working solution in the meantime. I may open a new Diff for that.
  > I think it is useful, but now the statusbar is very full.
  >  Could we make that configurable via context menu? Like we have "Show line count", ... there?
  Should be possible. Will look at it. Your comment to the next question?
  > I would like the status bar to get cut (if the status bar is scrollable or not, I personally dont care)
  About "cut" I have ATM no idea how to do that, and I guess nobody would like that. A Scrollbar may possible and a somehow
   "auto-wrap" behaviour too
  > will it be hard to implement?
  Hard to say ;-) The auto-wrap should be the most tricky
  @cullmann Let me know how much stuff I can add here or have remove. There are many possibilities left, e.g.
  > How about to change the "action-labels" to buttons? Thisway would it be less "quirky" and we would have a feedback that there is an action available when hovered by mouse
  I will upload a "all in one" diff for a better overview




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