D17602: BuildView: Search item with needed data when navigate in error list

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  - Even with LANG=C will some things not translated back due to the use of i18n as save key, IIRC
  - The German translations are BTW really terrible, but sadly they are kept in some other repository
  - Sometimes I miss the possibility to select/copy some lines of the output
  - Regarding "garish highlighting" (read that better?) I was about to disable the possibility to select an item by the UI file, but I guess you would dislike the idea. And, yes, it's then not so easy to see where we are
  @ngraham It would be nice you could give a comment to our talk, most notably
  - Merge Build/Cancel buttons
  - Add Prev/Next buttons, as you see no buttons here but the actions are avaialble
  - Better solution to choose the view mode. I like the current more than the old "one tab per mode" but it's somehow strange
  F6479744: 1544941040.png <https://phabricator.kde.org/F6479744>


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