D17441: tune editing actions for large number of small edits

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Sun Dec 9 04:35:53 GMT 2018

loh.tar added a comment.

  I have tried this one. Yes, works much more better! 
  Nice to see that my own (unloved) patch wake your interest to dig into that issue :-)
  As usual understand I most of your talk here not really, and these perf protocols give me no light on the first sight. But thank you that you let me participate.
  - Now, just find all of a char in that fat file is done very quickly
  - Doing these tab->semicolon S&R still takes quite a while but works here. System monitor told 1.8G memory was eaten
  I think with this patch need KateSearchBar still some improvement. Like to give a hint that S&R is running and the possibility to abort. Would be good to add some test if a S&R may run out of memory. Not everyone has a lot of RAM available.
  Um, just a stupid question: Is there a need to do the S&R just as it is done currently? So far I understand that, is the only reason why that is so f**antastic slow caused by tons off calls which are intend to track a normal editing.
  Why not simple do the S&R on the raw file, make a diff, highlight the changes and we are done(?) 
  I did the tab->semicolon S&R by sed, just for interest, and it takes 2-3 seconds :-/

  R39 KTextEditor


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