D17442: KTextEditor: Tweak keyboard shortcuts to prepare for F6/Shift+F6 in Kate

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  The idea is to use F6 and Shift+F6 in Kate for Next and Previous Search
  Match. These shortcuts are also used by QtCreator for that.
  Since F6 is currently used for "Show Icon Border", here is a proposal to
  1. Change shortcut for "Show Icon Border" to "Ctrl+E, Ctrl+B" because it
  is used not that often to deserve an F key.
  Why "Ctrl+E, ..."? Because Qt Creator uses it as start key combination
  for various functions. The alternative would be "Ctrl+D, ..." which is
  used by Visual Studio.
  Ctrl+E is currently used for "Go to previous edit" (Ctrl+Shift+E: go to
  next edit). Ctrl+D is currently used to comment a line. I choose to
  change "Go to previous edit".
  2. Set new shortcut Alt+F6 and Alt+Shift+F6 for "Go to previous/next
  While at it, I made some additions with the newly freed Ctrl+E shortcut:
  3. Add Ctrl+E, Ctrl+W for "Dynamic Word Wrap" (like in Qt Creator) (the
  current F10 could be freed later)
  4. Use Ctrl+E, Ctrl+I for "Clean Indentation" which is a useful feature
  (which could later be extended by a more powerful code formatter)
  5. Use Ctrl+E, Ctrl+S for "Show non-printable spaces" (for comparison:
  in Qt Creator it is Ctrl+E, Ctrl+V for "Visualize Whitespace")
  6. Use Ctrl+E, Ctrl+L for "Show Line Numbers" (as alternative to F11
  which could later be used for something else)

  R39 KTextEditor




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