D15081: replace own wildcard matcher with QRegularExpression combining all wildcards

Dominik Haumann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Aug 26 01:21:12 BST 2018

dhaumann added a subscriber: dfaure.
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  Do you need the public methods in Definition outside of KSyntaxHighlighting?
  In general: +1
  If you want this to be in 5.50, you need to get a +2 from @vkrause and ping @dfaure to retag.


> definition.h:196
> +     */
> +    QRegularExpression extensionsAsRegularExpression() const;
> +

@since 5.50 or 5.51

> definition.h:202
> +     * @return regular expression matching them
> +     */
> +    static QRegularExpression convertExtensionsToRegularExpression(const QVector<QString> &extensions);

@since 5.50 or 5.51

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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