D14518: SymbolView: Improve "Not Supported" message

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Fri Aug 3 19:01:41 BST 2018

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  While you update the string maybe you could remove the type (-1) and the comment about it?


> plugin_katesymbolviewer.cpp:355
> +    QTreeWidgetItem *node = new QTreeWidgetItem(m_symbols, -1);
> +    node->setText(0, i18n("Sorry, \"%1\" is not supported yet", hlModeName));
> +    // Setting invalid line number avoid jump to top of document when clicked

I just tried this one and got: Sorry, "Normal" not supported yet :)

The "Normal" string will not come once we get the plain-text parser in, but I think we need a bit more explanation somehow.

Maybe: File type "Normal" not supoertd yet


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