feature plugin needed : save with AUTONUMBER

chris born chris at cborn.nl
Fri Apr 27 19:48:07 UTC 2018

Hi kate,

I use kate in opensuse under xfce. I program some z80 source and have 
'pasmo' as build program linked.

a very nice feature. But i tend to add comments, and then another, then 
build, and have more comments.

i write/save after comments, but forget to UPGRADE THE VERSIONNUMBER if 
i wrote a code line.

so its a 'overwrite' in such case. I am in need off an easy button that 
does an " SAVE WITH AUTO-NUMBER" by one click.

its a variation of "save as ... " , but i need it to "save my ...". (not 
realy ;-), if i keep changing to much i lose track off my own products etc.

the scanner projet "xsane" has a C few lines that make such an 
autonumber possible. very nice!!

But it probably has to be fully 'rewritten' to be a  'standalone routine'

My C knowledge is not enough (is there any?) to build such a plugin myself.

Maybe other projects already have such a button???


cborn.nl/zxfiles/wav2ay  (very messy)

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