D7718: Update configuring.docbook to ktexteditor 5.38

Dominik Haumann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Sep 7 07:17:40 UTC 2017

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This revision now requires changes to proceed.

  Thanks for working on this. The patch looks pretty good, and after another iteration I'm confident we can merge this.


> configuring.docbook:168
> +<term><guilabel>Show text preview on scrollbar</guilabel></term>
> +<listitem><para>If this option is checked, and you hoover the scrollbar with the mouse cursor
> +a small text preview with several lines of the current document around the cursor position will be displayed.

Typo: hoover -> hover

> configuring.docbook:1295
> -<para>The variables listed here documents &kappname; version 3.7. More variables
> +<para>The variables listed here documents &kappname; version 5.38. More variables
>  may be added in the future. There are 3 possible types of values for variables,

This will get outdated again and again. Maybe just say: The variables listed here documents the current state. More ...

Or similar?

> configuring.docbook:1313
> +<varlistentry id="variable-auto-brackets">
> +<term><cmdsynopsis><command>automatic-spell-checking</command><arg>BOOL</arg></cmdsynopsis></term>
> +<listitem><para>Enable automatic insertion of brackets.</para></listitem>

spell-checking in the auto-brackets section looks wrong. Could you have a second look?

> configuring.docbook:1389
> +<term><cmdsynopsis><command>folding-preview</command><arg>BOOL</arg></cmdsynopsis></term>
> +<listitem><para>Enable folding preview on in the editor border.</para></listitem>
> +</varlistentry>

remove "on"

> configuring.docbook:1474
> +<term><cmdsynopsis><command>replace-tabs</command><arg>BOOL</arg></cmdsynopsis></term>
> +<listitem><para>Set dynamic tab to space conversion on or off.</para></listitem>
>  </varlistentry>

Instead of the term 'conversion' we may want to use "expansion". But I may be wrong, since I am not a native English speaker.

> development.docbook:276
>  <para><userinput>author</userinput> contains the name of the author and his email-address.</para>
> -<para><userinput>license</userinput> contains the license, usually LGPL, Artistic, GPL or others.</para>
> +<para><userinput>license</userinput> contains the license, usually the MIT license for new syntax-highlighting files.</para>
>  <para><userinput>style</userinput> contains the provided language and is used by the indenters for the attribute <literal>required-syntax-style</literal>.</para>

Good catch! :-)

  R40 Kate


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