Review Request 130240: Add support for custom search paths for application-specific syntax and theme definitions

Michael Hansen zrax0111 at
Tue Sep 5 17:45:46 UTC 2017

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Review request for Kate.

Repository: syntax-highlighting


This allows applications to include application-specific syntax rules and themes which don't necessarily make sense to install globally to be used with syntax-highlighting.


  src/lib/repository.h 3b9ea9bdbe4ed759d8c895411638e298a3e76e12 
  src/lib/repository.cpp a331b1c2a4fd807716a8b9ce765dbdd3f3808739 
  src/lib/repository_p.h a04f3d5133e3370cd84eb28e7250c2a3fb1fcdf8 



Created custom syntax rule and sample application using QTextEdit; tested both standard syntax rules and the custom rule within the application, using the default theme.


Michael Hansen

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