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this all very unfortunate :/

We waited some years to switch over in the hope that the V4 stuff is stable enough
and now even after QtScript is deprecated such simple scripts do discover bugs :/


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> Yes, for Qt <= 9.1, there are crashes in the Qt QML js interpreter / JIT, see:
> That is quite sad, since it kind of shows that our simple js scripts prove there
> are grave bugs in the Qt V4 implementation. For Qt 5.9.1, this is hopefully
> fixed.
> And René was working on a work around that disables JIT, see above bug.
> I have not had the time to look into this, also I have Qt 5.9.2...
> Greetings
> Dominik
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> Thanks. 5.7 is a while old, has anyone ever tested the QML script-based
> autoindent with that version of Qt? I certainly haven't, and this thread
> makes it sound like that might just be broken ...
> What do we do about that? :/
> Christoph, Dominik?

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