Problems with KATE

Kevin kmg952 at
Mon Oct 23 22:25:06 UTC 2017

OK, I installed all (>3GB!) of the required debug-info files and still no 
usable stack trace.


On Monday, 23 October 2017 8:38:58 PM AEST Sven Brauch wrote:
> On 23/10/17 09:43, Alexander Zhigalin wrote:
> > It's useless because you should install debug symbols first.
> > I don't know about Fedora, but in Debian it would be a package named
> > kate-dbg
> Not necessarily, I think the last time we had crashes in the JS JIT or
> something the traces looked like this too, with symbols or without. But
> yes, make sure you have the debug package installed if there is one.

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