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Sven Brauch mail at
Fri Oct 13 10:37:28 UTC 2017

Hey Allan,

you did the QtScript -> QtQml port in kate's script engine, right? Some
of the indenters are behaving strangely (I'll attach part of the
discussion below, in case you are not on kwrite-devel), apparently
because some global variables are not defined properly. Any idea what
could cause this? If you don't have time, I can also go look myself, but
maybe it's a five-minute job for you.


On 28/09/17 14:02, Gerald Senarclens de Grancy wrote:
> Thanks Sven.
>>> The variable triggerCharacters is not defined in the python indenter.
>>> Any clues what has changed here?
>> I think the underlying JS engine changed. That probably broke this.
>> Where should the value of the variable come from?
> Unfortunately, I don't know (yet). Had a look at the source tree and
> stumbled across
> ktexteditor/src/script/data/indentation_template.js
> which contains
> """
> // specifies the characters which should trigger indent, beside the default
> '\n'
> triggerCharacters = "{}/:;";
> """
> didn't go through the cpp source yet to figure out more
>>> Related question: I was trying to locate the python.js indenter of my
> local
>>> installation.
>> It's in a qrc and built into the ktexteditor shared library.
> Thanks a lot, good to know. Has been a while since I last contributed. Will
> have to get into it again :)
> /g

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