Problems with KATE

Sven Brauch mail at
Sun Nov 19 23:26:17 UTC 2017

On 19/11/17 23:31, Kevin wrote:
> I recently updated to Fedora 27 and this problems seems to be fixed (crosses 
> fingers).
> kate4-part.x86_64   4.14.3-19.fc27                  @fedora 
> kate-plugins.x86_64   17.08.1-1.fc27                  @fedora 
> kate.x86_64   17.08.1-1.fc27                  @fedora 
> libkate.x86_64   0.4.1-11.fc27                   @fedora 

None of these versions is the relevant one: what matters is the version
of "ktexteditor", and "qt5". kate4-part is old, kate-plugins is just
some plugins, kate is the application but doesn't contain the actual
editor component, and libkate is some completely unrelated karaoke
library or whatever.

But yes, the issue is fixed AFAIK, a nice person disabled the JIT for
old Qt version or something like that ...


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