Make Ctrl-F wrap-around message blocking again ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon Dec 4 20:35:32 UTC 2017


On 2017 M12 3, Sun 23:13:46 CET you wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> currently, there are four positions for the message widget:
> html#a11025c67b12570a069da2b2c667c92db
>     AboveView - show message above view
>     BelowView - show message below view
>     TopInView - show message as view overlay in the top right corner
>     BottomInView - show message as view overlay om the bottom right corner
> We cold add:
>     CenterInView - show message as overlay vertically and horizontally
> centered in the the view
> Then, we could always show a text "Search wrapped" without the
> distinction "Continuing from top" and "Continuing from bottom".
> Would that help?

Probably it would be an improvement.

Just today, I stumbled again about that non-blocking message (or better did 
not stumble...).

I had loaded a large file (several thousand lines), and was searching for 
something. I searched, it was found, and found again, and again, and again ... 
after 20 or 50 hits I started to look more closely and noticed the "Search 
wrapped" message in the upper right corner.
Kate was relative large on a full HD 23" screen, and I really missed that 
message box in the corner.
Also, all the hits were somewhere roughly in the middle of the file, so also 
the vertical scrollbar (or minimap) didn't jump around that much that I would 
have noticed.

So, putting it in the center- yes, sounds good.
Still I would prefer the blocking dialog. To me it is just much more user 
friendly (while less pretty).


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