Revert of my compositing rework patches

Roman Gilg subdiff at
Wed Jan 15 17:28:18 GMT 2020


I offer to revert the compositing rework patches that I have landed on
KWin's master branch in the last few months such that they won't be
included in the 5.18 release. I have done this already in a personal branch
some days ago:

Reverts were possible with minimal conflict resolution and runtime tests on
top of this branch indicated that the revert works fine.

Reasons for reverting are:
* The Nvidia swap event patch hasn't yet landed to optimize in that case.
* Some minor regressions had been crept up and there might be more.
* My patches weren't formally accepted when I landed them, another
maintainer complained about that.
* I don't see a positive future for the KWin project as it is currently
organized on a fundamental level. Because of this I don't want to maintain
these large code changes ongoing.

Simple yes/no from the other two maintainers is enough. If they both want
to keep the compositing rework patches in one of them is responsible for
acting on related bug reports afterwards. If not both agree there is no
consensus on the compositing rework and I will revert the patches before
tomorrow 10:00am Berlin time so they don't go into the 5.18 beta. In case
of subsequent issues because of the revert itself I will act on these

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