[kst] [Bug 417687] NetCDF files are not recognized by the Data Wizard

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Wed Feb 26 16:17:07 GMT 2020


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--- Comment #1 from Nicolas Brisset <nicolas.brisset at airbus.com> ---
I suspect this is linked with the fact that NetCDF may use HDF5 as backend in
recent versions. If the netcdf library used in the current installation has not
been compiled with HDF5 support (which is optional) then you may observe that
I am quite sure that the Windows builds of Kst provided on the website do not
contain support for HDF5-based NetCDF files. I don't know about the netcdf
package provided by Debian...

Some suggestions:
- try to open the file with h5view: if it works it could confirm the issue
- try to find out with which options the Debian netcdf package has been built
- try with a netcdf file not based on HDF5 (eg samples from the NetCDF site)
- compile your own netcdf lib with HDF5 support, and then link Kst against it

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