Option to "tail -f" ASCII file

Scott Armitage scott at armitage.space
Thu Feb 28 16:26:58 GMT 2019

Is there an option to follow ASCII files instead of reloading them in their entirety? Would this be a relatively straightforward addition?

I have a set of Python tools that generate CSV log files of telemetry, which are used by post-processing analysis tools. I recently started using Kst2 to visualize the data in real time. This works excellently! However, as the CSV files grow, Kst2 becomes sluggish as it reloads the entire file as new lines are written. In my environment, I know that these are output files that only grow, like log files. An option to follow the files, similar to "tail -f", would I think dramatically improve Kst2's performance in plotting these files in real time.
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