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Steve Maher steve.f.maher at
Fri Feb 1 15:45:19 GMT 2019

Yeah! I can now build kst from a vanilla Ubuntu 18.04 install.

Below is a shell script which installs all dependencies (and echos working
build commands). Barth, feel free to add kst repo to help the next guy or
gal .. =)


   1. I could not find the right netcdf packages to make cmake happy
   2. qt5 install was sneaky because some svg packages aren't automatically
   3. gsl install was sneaky because the "dev" version needs to be install

Now, on to Windows build ..


=============== clip here ===================

# Installs dependencies for kst
# Must be run as root (e.g., sudo ./

apt --assume-yes install build-essential
apt --assume-yes install cmake

apt --assume-yes install pkg-config

# gsl-bin not sufficient!
apt --assume-yes install libgsl-dev

apt --assume-yes install qtcreator
apt --assume-yes install qt5-default

# Asterisk is important - dev version needed
apt --assume-yes install libqt5svg5*

# Optional datasource libraries

# Can't find anything to make cmake happy
# The following didn't work
#apt --assume-yes install netcdf*
#apt --assume-yes install libnetcdf*

apt --assume-yes install libcfitsio-dev
apt --assume-yes install libgetdata-dev
apt --assume-yes install libtiff-dev
apt --assume-yes install libmatio-dev

echo "Installs complete.  Check for errors."

echo "If not done, already .. "
echo "> apt install git"
echo "> git clone https://<yourGithubId>"
echo "Next step: run the following in a directory parallel to kst/"
echo "> cmake -Dkst_qt5=1 -Dkst_release=1 -Dkst_merge_files=1 ../kst"
echo "> make -j 4"
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