Creating data source reader plugin

Manuel manuel.m at
Sat Jun 23 15:13:22 UTC 2018


I created a datasource plugin, and it works if I compile it together 
with the downloaded kst source.

Only when I copy the plugin dll into the 'plugins' folder of the 
downloaded windows binaries, I find the following message in the kst 
dubug dialog:

instance failed for libkst2_datasource_sma.dll (The plugin 'C:/Program 
uses incompatible Qt library. (5.7.0) [release])

I read that the plugin will not work, if I use a newer Qt version than 
the one used to compile the application, so what Qt version were the 
windows binaries compiled with?

Regards, Manuel

Am 11.05.2018 um 01:55 schrieb Manuel:
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>> To: kst <kst at>
>> Subject: Re: Creating data source reader plugin
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>> I can try to give you some advice.
>> Does your data source just provide vectors, or does it also have strings,
>> scalars and matrices?
> I'd like to plot vectors in kst, basically some values vs time. And I
> would like to load strings from the header, the field names and units,
> to display these in the legend.
> The file structure is simple, it consists of blocks of equal size (64
> bytes), except for the header, where field names and some more data is
> stored.
> Most of the blocks contain the vectors I want to plot (but no time
> information). To be able to plot vs time, I assume a fixed time interval
> between consecutive vector blocks. The other blocks contain a time stamp
> that is used for synchronisation (these have an event code attached).
> For the more distant future, if I find time for it, I would like to
> display a list of events in kst ("Date/Time - Event name"), derived from
> the file, and use that to navigate through the plots. That would help me
> a lot to quickly get to the interesting spots.

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