Adding Hdf5 Plugin, cant see _matrixlist

Manuel Ilg manuel.ilg at
Fri Sep 1 14:53:00 UTC 2017


I am trying to add Hdf5 as Datasource to kst. It already works with 
vectors. So if i open a hdf5 file it recursively searches the file for 1 
dimensional Datasets. I can select all these Datasets and plot them.

After this worked fine, i looked at the matlab.cpp and netcdfsource.cpp 
files again and tried to copy their matrix interfaces but i cant get it 
to work. i save all the matrices in the _matrixList but appearently kst 
never uses the list() of my matrixdatainterface class. So i cant select 
the datasets in the kst gui.

this is my matrix interface class:

Matrix Interface
class DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix : public DataSource::DataInterface<DataMatrix>

   DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix(Hdf5Source& s) : Hdf5(s) {qDebug()<< "matrix";}

   // read one element
   int read(const QString&, DataMatrix::ReadInfo&);

   // named elements
   QStringList list() const { qDebug() << "list() mat" << endl; return 
Hdf5._matrixList; }
   bool isListComplete() const { return true; }
   bool isValid(const QString&) const;

   // T specific
   const DataMatrix::DataInfo dataInfo    (const QString&) const;
   void setDataInfo(const QString&, const DataMatrix::DataInfo&) {}

   // meta data
   QMap<QString, double> metaScalars(const QString&) { return 
QMap<QString, double>(); }
   QMap<QString, QString> metaStrings(const QString&) { return 
QMap<QString, QString>(); }

   Hdf5Source& Hdf5;

const DataMatrix::DataInfo DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix::dataInfo(const 
QString& matrix) const
   qDebug() << "im info" << endl;
   if (!Hdf5._matrixList.contains( matrix ) ) {
     return DataMatrix::DataInfo();

   QByteArray bytes = matrix.toLatin1();
   hid_t dataset = H5Dopen(Hdf5._Hdf5file,, H5P_DEFAULT);
   hid_t dspace = H5Dget_space(dataset);
   const int ndims = H5Sget_simple_extent_ndims(dspace);
   hsize_t dims[ndims];
   H5Sget_simple_extent_dims(dspace, dims, NULL);
   if (!ndims) {
     return DataMatrix::DataInfo();

   if (ndims != 2) {
     return DataMatrix::DataInfo();

   DataMatrix::DataInfo info;
   info.samplesPerFrame = 1;
   info.xSize = dims[0];
   info.ySize = dims[1];

   return info;

int DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix::read(const QString& field, 
DataMatrix::ReadInfo& p)
{qDebug() << "im read" << endl;
   int count = Hdf5.readMatrix(>z, field);>xMin = 0;>yMin = 0;>xStepSize = 1;>yStepSize = 1;

   return count;

bool DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix::isValid(const QString& field) const {
     qDebug() << "im valid" << endl;
   return Hdf5._matrixList.contains( field );

the only method beeing used is:
DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix(Hdf5Source& s) : Hdf5(s) {qDebug()<< "matrix";}
all others were never used. I hope you can give me a hint, what im doing 
wrong. Like i said i can see and plot all 1 dimensional Datasets, they 
are stored in _fieldList and use the DataVector DataInterface. But i 
cant see or plot the 2 dimensional Data in the DataMatrix DataInterface. 
i cant even display the names that are stored in the _matrixList in kst.

here is my header file:

#ifndef Hdf5_H
#define Hdf5_H

#include <datasource.h>
#include <dataplugin.h>
#include "H5Cpp.h"

class DataInterfaceHdf5Vector;
class DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix;

class Hdf5Source : public Kst::DataSource {

     Hdf5Source(Kst::ObjectStore *store, QSettings *cfg, const QString& 
filename, const QString& type, const QDomElement& e);


     bool init();
     virtual void reset();

     Kst::Object::UpdateType internalDataSourceUpdate();

     int readField(double *v, const QString& field, int s, int n);

     int readMatrix(double *v, const QString& field);

     static herr_t file_info(hid_t o_id, const char *name, const 
H5O_info_t *object_info, void *op_data);

     int samplesPerFrame(const QString& field);
     int frameCount(const QString& field = QString()) const;

     QString fileType() const;

     void save(QXmlStreamWriter &streamWriter);

     QMap<QString, int> _frameCounts;
     int _maxFrameCount;

     hid_t _Hdf5file;
     QStringList _fieldList;
     QStringList _matrixList;

     friend class DataInterfaceHdf5Vector;
     friend class DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix;

     DataInterfaceHdf5Vector* iv;
     DataInterfaceHdf5Matrix* im;

if u need more Details just ask.

Have a nice Weekend :)

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