Creating new curve from selected range of data

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Just a hint: one approach to this problem which we already mentioned would be to add a "prune data to visible range" tool which would find out automatically the ranges from a visual selection done using the zoom tools.


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Objet : Creating new curve from selected range of data

Dear Ladies and Gentleman of KST.

First, thank you for the application KST.

I want to ask you for a new little functionality for KST, If is possible.

My situation: Sometimes I require select a range of data to apply a plug-in to it, for example.
I did it, but the processing is a bit complex in KST, because when define the range it use samples or [[[[date]ti]m]e]. When used [[[[date]ti]m]e], it didn´t run, then I used samples (superior and inferior limits).

The steps to obtain the two samples are:

1)      I copy a X coordinate from the graphic with enabled data-cursor.

2)      I search the copied X coordinate in the menu View Vector (typical in Index vector).

3)      I log the number of row where is located the copied X coordinate.

4)      I write the number of row in a sheet or noteblock.

5)      I repeat the steps 1) to 4) for the second X coordinate.

6)      I create the new curve with the 2 logged samples and I apply a plug-in to it.

Could you help me with some solution?
A simple solution is to show the value of sample during the enabled data-cursor, in the corner bottom-left of the window.

Good day.

Best regards/Muy Atte.
Victor Navarro Oportus.


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