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Trevor Young tnyoung at
Thu Mar 23 20:54:35 UTC 2017

You're right, I thought I had grabbed 2.0.8 from the ubuntu ppa but I had
only gotten 2.0.3 from the debian repo. I have several debian systems where
I am happy to pull from the ubuntu ppa but I have another system where a
kst binary isn't available at all so I'd like to learn to compile and it
uses qt5 instead of qt4.  How do I effect the cmake switch mentioned on the
kst source page?



On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 3:06 AM, C Barth Netterfield <
netterfield at> wrote:

> Hi, Trevor,
> Unfortunately, the version of kst in debian is extremely old, and full of
> known bugs, and there is no maintainer for that debian package :-(
> We do have an ubuntu ppa we keep up to date (but you would have to switch
> to a
> recent ubuntu)
> Or you can build from source.  Let me know if you would like some help with
> that.
> cbn
> On Wednesday, March 22, 2017 8:38:04 PM EDT Trevor Young wrote:
> > I have a script logging data to file and use kde to graph it but I often
> > encounter an issue with the graph not updating itself on startup.  Kst
> will
> > load an initial set of data, and then a second or so later, do a single
> > second update.  The graph won't start live updating until I go into the
> > data manager and double click on any of the entries there, then it starts
> > to auto update. I don't need to make any changes, just have to double
> click
> > on something and bring up the dialog box. Has anyone else encountered
> this
> > or have an idea why this may be happening?
> >
> > I'm running an up to date copy of debian stable.
> >
> > Thanks.

Trevor Young
Senior Marine Technician
Ocean Technology Group
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