[kst] [Bug 372265] "Change Data File" does not update file name references in text box

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--- Comment #1 from netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca ---
These automatic strings automatically created by the data source are the
problem.  This is not (under the hood) a DataScalar, so it never shows up in
the list of things to change when you change datasources.

A work around for now is to create->string and then create a data string from
the data source from field FILE.  This properly updates when you "change
However, you have to hit reload to actually redraw it.  I was working on fixing
that on the way into work this morning.

What to do with the automatic scalars and automatic vectors is more
-How valuable are these automatic scalars/vectors.  Would it be better to just
create them with create->scalar and create->string so they are consistent with
everything else?  There should be create scalar and create string shortcut
icons in the label dialogs in any case.

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