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The architecture for kst is to separate data aquisition from the plotting. One 
application accumulates data and dumps it to a file.  kst monitors the file and plots 
the results.

So your application is perfect.


Start running data logger running.

start kst2.

start the data wizard ('w')
>From the data wizard: 
	enter the file name
	change update type to 'time interval' if it isn't that already
	click 'configure' and adjust file settings.  'OK' when done.
	double click on the fields you want to plot so they appear in the right col.
	set the data range to specify what you want to read.  
		eg, 'count from end' and range 1000 will plot the last 1000 
lines of the file, shifting over as new data comes in.  
	(note: INDEX is the row number).
	set curve placement properties.
	You should have live updating plots.



On Sunday, October 30, 2016 12:52:31 PM EDT Bob Lawrence wrote:
> I have been looking at the KST Data Plotting application whch states 
> that it can be used for plotting 'live streaming data' . But how ? I 
> cannot see any reference to 'point' the program at a specific COM port 
> and configure the input data. I have a continuous ascii stream of data - 
> 4 columns of temperature measurements. Are there any application notes 
> on how I can plot these 'live' as a continuous graph ??
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Best Regards,
> R.G.Lawrence

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