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C Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Thu Mar 31 14:43:31 UTC 2016

On Thursday, March 31, 2016 3:13:50 PM EDT Gunter Koenigsmann wrote:
> Is it possible to insert one or more cursors into the kst worksheet?
> If not this would be a quite handy feature that could be used in two
> ways:
>  - First of all I imagine a cursor as a vertical bar. If it crosses a
> curve the x and the y position of this place is printed on the screen.
> Traditionally most programs print the y position of one curve that can
> be selected in a drop-down box. Also a second cursor is handy in order
> to measure the difference between 2 x values [in electrotechnics
> typically in MHz or in ns].

Sort of, but it is not at all discoverable.  

You will notice coordinates on the status bar.  Normally these are the coordinates of the 
mouse cursor.  If you select "Highlight Data Points" on the toolbar, then a marker will 
appear on the curve 'near' the mouse and the status bar coordinates will be of that point 

Now, if you hit 'c', a small cross will appear whereever the active point was, and when you 
now move the mouse, the offset in xy will appear on the status bar as well as the 
coordinates.  'C' clears this mode.

>  - Secondly if the position of the 1st cursor could be used as a
> variable in an equation this wouldn't be too bad, neither.

oooh... interesting.  Might be both useful /and/ easy.
> ...and I have been asked by at least 4 other users I have pointed to
> kst or that are currently using kst to ask if a new release is planned
> so I wanted to forward you this request as a sign that there are people
> out there that really appreciate your work.

Yeah... we really should.  The Ubuntu ppa and the Windows packages (travis build) are 
kept up to date, so you can use those in the mean time (which is why I haven't pushed as 
hard as I could to keep up to date with actual releases.)
> Kind regards,
>  Gunter.
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