[Kst] Windows Command Line

Kornél Vári koximogyi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 16:05:02 UTC 2016

Dear KST Members!

I am working on a windows 7 PC and writing a C program which calls the KST
to plot curves from a .txt file with " ; " delimiter.
the source's first row contains the label of the  columns.

I am using absolute path to call kst2.exe

with system call function it looks like this:

system("c:\tmp\kst\bin\kst2.exe -f 2 --png filename.png filename.txt");

i have also tried

system("c:\tmp\kst\bin\kst2.exe -f 2 filename.txt -y 2 -y 3 --png
system("c:\tmp\kst\bin\kst2.exe filename.txt -f 2 -y 2 -y 3 --png

but i only have a blank png or the index plotted and the other columns at 0.
I don't know what causes the problem, the only thing i can imagine, is that
the program doesn't automatically recognize the " ; " as a delimiter and
it's looking forward to a \t or " , " .

I hope that one of you can help me to solve this problem

Looking forward your answer:
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