[Kst] Multiple plot under cursor values and data restreaming.

k2mil k2mil at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Jan 11 21:20:54 UTC 2016

I would appreciate it if you could consider additional features to improve kst.
Firstly, it looks to be useful to observe exactly under the cursor the values of multiple graphs on a single page at the same time.
It would be great to have a possibility to define labels on the page within the graph layouts or in a different place on the page.
The labels should dynamically update their vector values if a joint zooming and a data point selection are activated.
It would make it easier to compare data values for exactly the same sample of data.
Secondly, another useful feature should be replaying acquisition process of collected data.
I have some on site recorded csv files and I would like to set data range to for ex. 200 samples and replay data acquisition
process with linear and spectral plotting (for example 10 rows of csv file per seconds even if data was obtained at 0.1 sps)
It should make it possible to take control over the speed of data analysis.
Best regards.
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