[Kst] [kst] [Bug 352367] vectors too short. last frame not plotted

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Fri Feb 26 15:49:04 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from Michael Brewer <brewer at astro.umass.edu> ---
(In reply to Michael Brewer from comment #4)
> From your previous comment, I got the impression that INDEX was something
> specific to the plot. If INDEX is in fact just another 1 sample per frame
> vector, then I agree that it should be the same as all the other 1 sample
> per frame vectors.
> *******
> Right: Imagine you want to plot a field which is 100 samples per frame vs
> something that is 1 samples per frame. And you want to plot one frame. Maybe
> because your datasource is only one frame long. What should you do? 
> *******
> Currently, this question is moot since it is not possible to plot one frame
> of data in KST.
> But that is my point. If the user has only one frame of data, there should
> be a way for them to look at that data. In the example that you give, there
> is only one X-Y pair to plot. In order to plot this, the plot itself needs
> to extend from 0 to 1. In general, the plot should always extend from 0 to
> nframes. This is one more than the INDEX array that extends from 0 to
> nframes - 1. Since this is just a matter of setting the boundaries of the X
> axis of the plot, it seems straight forward to me. Perhaps I am missing
> something though.

BTW,  in your example if the user has two fields of data at 100 samples per
frame that they want to plot using one field as X and the other as Y, then
there are 100 X-Y pairs to plot. Does it make sense that KST should do nothing?

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