[Kst] questions about kst files

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Fri Feb 5 20:13:42 UTC 2016

On February 5, 2016 09:56:36 AM Daniel Miller wrote:
> I'm trying to produce customized graphs by generating .kst files and then
> modifying them.  Some things are working, but others are not; could someone
> clarify some questions for me?

There is no explicit documentation for the .kst files; the best bet is to make 
the changes you want in the gui, and then see what this does to the kst file.

> Context:
> > I'm trying to customize my 3-plot accelerometer display
> > My OS: Windows 7 64-bit
> > Kst version 2.0.8

> Questions:
> 1. I enabled Legend by setting showLegend="true" ... however, it shows
> legends for all three items on one line!!  That's very hard to read; is
> there a way to force multi-line legend?

Edit the plot.
Select "Labels" in the menu list on the left.
At the bottom of the Labels tab will be
[x] Show legend   [Edit]
Select [Edit]

Select "Legend" from the menu list on the left.
select [x] Display Vertically
Also select [x] Save as default.
Then [OK], etc.

> 2. I want "X-only zoom" to be selected by default.  I set tiedxzoom="true",

This does something else, and not what you want.

> but the graph still comes up with "X-Y Zoom/Scroll" enabled instead.  I
> don't see a setting for "X-Y Zoom" nor "scroll" in the file.  

afaik, there is none.

> Can I
> accomplish this somehow?

No, short of selecting the X-zoom only icon each time kst runs.


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