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Huber, Jörg Huber.Joerg at herrenknecht.de
Wed Oct 21 13:01:29 UTC 2015

Hello Barth,

is there any possibility to export data of vectors from Kst to a specified file – e.g. csv-file?

The aim would be to export different vectors at a given time depending cursor position of x-axis.

In mode “Highlight Data Points” data point moves over vector vs x-axis (time).

While moving over curve data of defined vector(s) should be exported for use in another application.

See example below:

Data vectors in Kst (logged PLC data)

1.       DateTime

2.       speed

3.       current

4.       torque

5.       faults 01-16*

6.       faults 17-32*

7.       faults 33-48*




*16 x Boolean, which can’t be displayed in a Kst plot

Boolean 16-1 => value e.g. =  0000000011111111, Bit 1-8 = “1”, Bit 9-16 = “0”

To reduce amount of column fault messages are summarized to 16 per column (data source input file)

curves displayed in Kst:

1.       speed vs time

2.       current vs time

3.       torque vs time

defined data vectors to export to csv while moving over curve in mode “Highlight Data Points”:


faults 01-16*

faults 17-32*

faults 33-48*

data to CSV file:

DateTime                                           faults 01-16                        faults 17-32                        faults 33-48

2015/04/27 07:37:02.620              0000000011111111          1100100011111111          0000110010011111

Data should be automatically updated depending on cursor position of “Highlight Data Points”.

Dataset of csv-file shown above could be used to display all active faults at a given time (highlighted data point)

in plaintext (fault message) with another application.

Have you got any idea to realize this with Kst?

Thanks a lot

Best Regards

Best regards
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