[Kst] question on generating plots from the command line

Dan Field dan_field at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 7 17:45:49 UTC 2015

Hi All:

If I generate a plot from the command line like:

    kst2 <filename> -x Time -P PlotName -y Field1 -y Field2

I get a single plot with 2 xy graphs, Time vs Field1 and Time vs
Field2.  However, there's no way to distinguish which of the differently
colored lines being graphed belong to Time vs Field1 and which belongs
to Time vs Field2.  Are there some command lines that I'm missing that
allow me to create a legend or some other way to do so?  Is there some
way to show the plot name (in this case "PlotName") on the actual plot
and not part of an axis label?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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