[Kst] how to filter "live" data

Ben Lewis benlewis003 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 10:21:01 UTC 2015

Hi Dan,

There is a provision in the ASCII data wizard to nominate a character(s) as a comment indicator. I 
presume this has the effect of filtering out the remaining characters on the line (I've never used 
it). It's a long shot but if the lines you want to filter out all begin with the same character and 
this character does not appear in the lines you want to keep this might work for you.

Regards, Ben

On 28/06/2015 2:50 AM, Dan Field wrote:
> Hi folks:
> I would like to generate plots from a constantly changing log file.  The
> problem is that there are different record types in this file and I'm
> only interested in graphing a particular type.  The records in which I'm
> interested can be selected based upon the first N characters of the
> record so a simple grep expression like ^<prefix> would suffice.
> I know I can grep the log file and send it to a different log file which
> kst reads, but then updates only occur when the grep program decides to
> flush its output.  Is there some sort of filter within kst that allows
> me to exclude records from the data?
> Best,
>      Dan
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