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Roger Wehage raw915 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 15:34:11 UTC 2015

Dear Gunter,

Your file may be corrupted with something, but I can’t tell you what that would be. Some time ago I demonstrated a similar crash with one of my files, where I also changed the number of plots, including a completely empty plot, too. I repeated that crash at least a dozen times with that same file or a copy of it and reported it as a bug, along with the offending files. I never heard what happened.

To convince myself that the file and copies of it were indeed corrupted, I generated a new file, starting from scratch, for the same set of plots. That new file and copies of it never crashed. I did all this several months ago, and I haven’t done anything with kst 2 since then, but I still have the corrupt file on my hard drive. I haven’t upgraded kst 2 since then, so I don’t know if this problem has been fixed or not. You should be able to find my bug report or related E-mails on the kst system somewhere.

I suggest you start with a new file and see if it crashes. If it does not crash, and if you know how to do file diffs, maybe you could look for any differences. I should have done that, but I’m getting too old to figure this stuff out.

Best regards,


> On Jun 19, 2015, at 9:52 AM, Gunter Koenigsmann <Gunter.Koenigsmann at semikron.com> wrote:
> Dear Barth,
> Then this is one of the friendy projects. Good!
>>> - Create a diagram
>> Do you mean a plot? Does it have to have anything in the plot?
> Did have two curves in the plot. But seems like the exact number of
> curves doesn't matter: Managed to crash a completely empty plot, too.
>>> - Create a annotation
>> Do you mean a label from the create->annotation->label dialog?
> That is right.
>>> - Enter some Text, go back a few characters and press Ctrl+Right.
>> All in the dialog?  What text?  Any text?
> Seems like this is a good question since the text actually does
> matter:
> Test 
> didn't crash. 
> Test [U_22:y:Mean (X381)]
> did crash, but only at the second press of Ctrl+Right. U_22:y is the
> result of an equation. I actually did test about 8 texts involving
> results from equations or last elements of data vectors before I found
> out how to cause the crash.
>>> - KST crashes.
>> Hmmm... not good.
> Not this bad since I have found out how to trigger it and now can avoid
> the said key combination. 
>> Can you send me some details?
>> OS/ OS version:
> Windows 7/64 Bit; all service packs included.
>> Source of the packages:
> http://kst-plot.github.io/kst-build/ and
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/kst/files/
>> Version of Qt4:
> How do I find that out for binary packages?
> Kind regards,
> Gunter.
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