[Kst] X-Axis full Date/Time stamps (not Base/Offset)

Sam Theobald sam.theobald at monodraught.com
Tue Jan 6 15:41:31 UTC 2015


I use KST2 to plot building environmental data over time, and use the "Interpret as Standard C Time" which is displayed using the "Formatted String" (yy/MM/dd hh:mm) feature to label my X-Axis.

What I was wondering was, is there a way to display the full formatted string at each major tick, instead of it displaying a base/reference Date/Time stamp, and then the offset from that base time stamp?

For example, I would like each tick on a graph of recent data to be labelled with the full Date/Time stamp every 2 days (Major tick every 2 days), so that the labels would read:
14/12/11 12:00
14/12/13 12:00
14/12/15 12:00
14/12/17 12:00

At the moment it reads:
With the following base/reference just below the first label [0]
14/12/11 12:00 [Days]


Samuel Theobald
Electronics Design Engineer
Monodraught Ltd.

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