[Kst] Is it possible to open a data file through SSH

Barth Netterfield barth.netterfield at utoronto.ca
Fri Oct 17 21:19:13 UTC 2014

Going through old email and found this.

Maybe use sshfs?


On April 11, 2014 12:27:45 AM Petko Ditchev wrote:

> Hello to everyone, first things first - Kst-plot is amazing, and I thank
> everyone involved in its development!
>   My use case is that I'm detecting EOG (eye-movements via bio-voltage
> amplification) and I piped my data from the microphone through my filter
> to a file. That's great, graphs are displayed in real time, no problem
> with the desktop computer. Now, since I'm recording data through the
> night I setup my Raspberry Pi to do the above recording. I don't want to
> bother using it as a stand-alone real time monitor for the data though.
> TL;DR : Can I setup a file on a remote machine as a data source through
> SSH (or other protocol)?
> Petko
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