[Kst] Plan for 2.0.9 / 2.1.0?

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Tue Nov 18 22:22:26 UTC 2014


What's the plan for the next version? Here is what I have in mind after playing around quite a bit to prepare the video tutorials. Please comment and add your ideas or wishes. I think we should also somehow transfer that to bugzilla to keep track.
- I think one of the big "new" feature planned was complete scripting support, including Windows and making it worth a 2.1.0. Is that correct?
- Augmented possibilities to generate and edit vectors: editable vectors in the UI (also discussed recently), log spacing, copy/paste vectors from Excel/HTML/LibreOffice
- Adding proper support for NetCDF-4 and maybe HDF5 (at least recent Matlab files, also using HDF5 as backend) on all platforms.
- The "visual range definition" feature discussed recently on this list.
- Fix for the change data file bug, the tool hangs when there are FFTs or other dependents!
- Marker navigation (jump to previous/next) + using scalars
- Possibility to use X and Y vectors as image index (e.g. lat/lon coordinates instead of the index)
- Make the pull-down menu for selecting strings use the whole screen width!
- Load color palettes from file
- Maybe a prune plugin which removes data from vectors if they match (or don't match) a given criterion. 
- Some bug fixes like settings not being remembered or ASCII columns getting mixed up (see bug 301203) 
- Adding legend boxes with a point on the curve, an arrow and a text box containing coordinates in a single click (like Matlab does)
- Improvement of time-based range selection (specific toolbar?)

Thanks for your feedback,


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