[Kst] Release June 2

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Sun May 25 10:20:03 UTC 2014


We have to make this release, it's been in the "almost there" state far too long now...
I've been looking at the French translation kindly prepared by the French KDE i18n, there are some things I'd like to improve since I have a better understanding of the application.
I've just started doing so, and I'm seeing a couple of minor glitches in the strings (missing punctuation, etc...). Are we in string freeze already (i.e. have you announced something to the localization teams)? Or can I still make some changes to the English strings along the way?


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> Hi,
> I think the last of the memory leak bugs we've been seeing are done
> with
> (famous last words)
> So I think we should schedule a release for June 2.  I will need to
> inform
> i18n that we plan to do this, after which time we need to be in UI
> string
> freeze.
> In the intervening time, we can try to:
>   -solve the linking bug with the fits tables plugin.  Otherwise it
>   won't be
> part of 2.0.8...
>   -try to fix the "Interpolation crashes with NaN's bug. (334701)
>   -Maybe fix the "X-Axis Scale Time/Date format is not
>   saved/reloaded" bug
> (329817)
> But lets be super careful we don't add any new bugs in the process.
>  I would
> really like 2.0.8 to be stable.  (wouldn't we all...)
> I'll inform i18n tomorrow if there are no issues with this plan.
> Thoughts?
> cbn
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