[Kst] Interpolation

Steve Maher Stephen.F.Maher at nasa.gov
Sat May 10 21:36:57 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I can't seem to perform any interpolations.   My test crashes on 2.0.7-1 on
Ubuntu and 2.0.8rc2 on Windows 8.1.

Attached (and below) is my (ASCII)  test case.  There are 13 values in
vector 'a' (and INDEX, of course).  There are seven values in vectors 'b'
and 'bi'.  Vector 'bi' contains index numbers for vector b.  Looking at the
data you can see the intention is that vector b has values for every other
'a' value and bi is the index of those values relative to 'a'.

My goal is to interpolate 'b' so that it has the same number of samples as
'a', then use 'b' as an X axis of a curve with 'a' as the Y axis.

So I try interpolating with Input Vector X = bi, Input Vector Y = b, and
Input Vector X' = INDEX.  This crashes no matter which interpolation plugin
I use.

Seeing NaN's when looking at the 'b' and 'bi' vectors may be an issue.
 However, I'm assuming since there are interpolation plugins there must be
SOME way to have vectors of varying lengths.

I must be missing something.

Thanks for any tips,

a b bi
112.5 428 0
262.5 345 2
412.5 119 4
567.5 162 6
712.5 211 8
862.5 292 10
100.5 623 12
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