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Huber, Jörg Huber.Joerg at herrenknecht.de
Thu Jul 31 15:28:27 UTC 2014

Dear Support-Team of KST-Plot,

After a long search I have become aware of your absolutely great software tool "Kst2 Plot"!

Congratulation!!! I'm totally impressed. It's a superb tool which is really easy to use and plots very fast, even with big CSV files.

I've got one questions:

For some of our applications we are using a data logger software, that reads and logs all important PLC-data.

Every day (at midnight 00:00) there will be created a new CSV-file, named e.g. 2014-07-31.csv, 2014-08-01.csv.

I've installed last version of KST2Plot (Windows Version) which is able to trend real times plots of the actual CSV file at the same time

as the data logger software writes new datasets to it. That works absolutely great.

Now my question:

In case of "next" day (new csv file will be created) it would be great to read automatically from the new created csv-file and not to stop the real time plot.

Is there any way to manage this with Kst2Plot Window version?

I hope you understand what I've tried to describe.

In advance thanks for your reply.
Best regards
Jörg Huber
Graduate Engineer
electrical engineering
Herrenknecht AG
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77963 Schwanau-Allmannsweier
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