[Kst] pixel type marker missing in Kst 2.x (as opposed to 1.6/1.7) ?

Daniel Mader Daniel.Mader at tem-innovations.de
Mon Jul 21 08:39:55 UTC 2014

Dear Nicolas,

thank you very very much for this, it is exactly what we needed! Very well done! The build process was painless, even the packaging straightforward. Beautiful!

Have a good day, and very best regards from Munich,

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Hi Daniel,

I've just added a new point type consisting of a single point. I pushed it to git a few minutes ago.
Please test and tell me if that's what you had in mind. It looks very much like kst 1.x as far as I could see.
Also note that according to the zoom level, different points may be superimposed on your screen.

Best regards,


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> Good morning Barth,
> thanks for getting back to me!
> As for the feature, in 2.x there are only larger points available now, 
> i.e. complex markers such as squares, circles, and characters, but no 
> 'pixel' marker. This was well available in the 1.x series.
> With Python's matplotlib, you'd get this marker style like this.
> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
> fig = plt.figure(figsize=(20,20))
> ax1 = fig.add_subplot(111)
> ax1.grid()
> ax1.plot(range(1024), range(1024), ',') # <=== mind the comma!
> fig.suptitle('fig title')
> ax1.set_title('ax title')
> ax1.set_xlabel('xlabel')
> ax1.set_ylabel('ylabel')
> ax1.set_xlim(left=None, right=None)
> ax1.set_ylim(bottom=None, top=None)
> ax1.legend(loc='best', numpoints=1)
> fig.show()
> fig.savefig('test.pdf')
> It is incredibly usefull if you need maximum resolution in order to 
> prevent dots from overlapping. In our case, if you test a CCD for dirt 
> or broken pixels and display this on a screen, it is the only way that 
> makes sense...
> Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated!

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