[Kst] Out of Memory Error

Ben Lewis benlewis003 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 03:52:09 UTC 2014

Hi Barth and Peter,

I can send you instructions on how to reproduce this bug. You will need a Windows PC (32-bit) and a 
demo version of TwinCAT <http://www.beckhoff.com.au/english.asp?download/default.htm>. I can then 
send you my code to run within TwinCAT. You can them run Kst on the same PC or a remote PC.

Regards, Ben

On 16/07/2014 10:29 PM, Ben Lewis wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> This is the error I get, usually within the first two or three minutes of plotting live data. It 
> happens every time but only ever once per file. It appears to trigger a complete reread of the 
> data source.
> Regards, Ben
> On 15/07/2014 10:16 PM, Ben Lewis wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> I haven't got access to my data logger tonight. I'll check tomorrow and get back to you.
>> Regards, Ben
>> On 15/07/2014 3:54 PM, Peter Kümmel wrote:
>>> On 14.07.2014 13:39, Ben Lewis wrote:
>>>> Hi Kst,
>>>> I've just tested the latest build of Kst and I'm still getting the "out of memory" error. See
>>>> http://kde.6490.n7.nabble.com/Out-of-memory-error-td1555215.html for details.
>>> Now there is no message with "out of memory" any more. Which one did you see now?
>>>> I know Peter has spent some time looking into this but was not able to resolve this problem. I 
>>>> thought the problem was
>>>> unique to my paricular set up so I thought it would be ok to let it go. But a college of mine 
>>>> has just tried Kst for the
>>>> first time, on a different computer, and is getting the same error. Also he was using a local 
>>>> data source, whereas I was
>>>> using a remote data source. We are both using the 32-bit version of Kst on a Windows PC.
>>>> I thought I should mention this just in case this should be fixed before releasing 2.0.8.
>>>> I'm happy help out in any way I can.
>>>> Regards, Ben
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