[Kst] pixel type marker missing in Kst 2.x (as opposed to 1.6/1.7) ?

Daniel Mader Daniel.Mader at tem-innovations.de
Mon Jul 14 08:34:52 UTC 2014


we are using KST as a frontend for quality checks of CCD sensors. Here, we've always used the pixel marker in order to get maximum resolution. This marker seems to be missing now in in the 2.x series.

Since it becomes more and more pita to compile Kst 1.7 on a recent Linux distribution, we'd like to move on to 2.x, but this is currently a show stopper.

Is this marker really not implemented anymore? Is it possible to define it as a custom marker? And finally, is it possible to change any other marker in the source and recompile it? Some C++ knowledge is available, a pointer to the corresponding code fragment would be deeply appreciated!

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Daniel Mader

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