[Kst] Music composer for films, Tv commercials and video games

Rotem Hecht rotemhecht at 012.net.il
Tue Jul 8 16:40:17 UTC 2014


How are you? 
My Name is Rotem Hecht. I'm a music composer and sound designer.
I would like to offer you my music and sound services.
I compose original music for films, commercials, video games  ,events, corporate videos etc. 
Among my clients you could find Microsoft, Hershey's, Kre-O, Hasbro, Mercedes, Audi, Nickelodeon, Hop! and many others…
Here is my portfolio site
I''ll be glad to hear from you

Thank you very much
Rotem Hecht
rotem at rotemmusic.com
Skype: rhecht1282
29/3 Uziel St.
Ramat Gan
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