[Kst] binary package question

Jim Vaigl jimv at RockbridgeSoftware.com
Wed Feb 26 16:21:38 UTC 2014

I'd like to use your stuff on RHEL 6.4, and so far I've only used it on
Windows.  If you have a package I can use directly, please let me know.  If
not, I'd be happy to build it from source, test it, and provide a binary
package back to you for distribution if you want.  I'd just need some advice
on how to bundle it up once it's built.


Also, you have a broken link on the web site:


At http://kst-plot.kde.org/download/source_code.php, under "Compiling", you
have a link "QtCreator IDE", which points to
"http://qt.nokia.com/products/developer-tools/".  But it should probably
link to "https://qt-project.org/downloads", since Nokia is out of the
picture now.






jimv at RockbridgeSoftware.com



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