[Kst] field with datetime formatted as ISO 8601

Tom Hodder tom at limepepper.co.uk
Mon Feb 24 03:01:28 UTC 2014


(new to kst as of today. Am liking the real time updates and

I have some logs files being generated, which are timestamped as ISO 8601
format, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.mmmmmm like so;
2014-02-22T21:59:59.291403 27.187 10.900402 0.0 0.0
2014-02-22T22:00:10.191004 27.125 10.899601 -0.062 -0.00568828161691

When setting the ASCII options, it only offers "seconds" or "ctime", and
then the vector of values is filled with "2014". Presumably indicating that
it has discarded the remainder.

I can pre-process the files to convert the dates, but then I lose the
real-time updates.

Can you suggest how I should proceed to have kst understand the
"2014-02-22T21:59:59.291403" datetime strings?

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