[Kst] [kst] [Bug 331289] Buggy reading of dirfile's BITFIELDS channels coming from gzipped raw channels

Joy didier.joy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 05:44:29 UTC 2014


--- Comment #3 from Joy <didier.joy at gmail.com> ---
It seems I was a little fast in the characterization of the bug:
In the attached dirfile, raw_flag is an INT8 raw channel incrementing from 0 to
3, then back to 0. flag0 is a bitfield from raw_flag. The data was written with
GZIP encoding using pygetdata.

When reading this dirfile in KST, flag0 i read properly, but raw_flag reads

When reading this dirfile in pygetdata, raw_flag is read properly, but flag0
reads random data.

If I ungzip the data first, and delete the GZIP encoding keyword in the format
file, both kst and pygetdata read the data properly.

> I write a compressed dirfile using the gzip compression of getdata.
> This dirfile has an int8 raw channel, 'flag_raw',  and from this raw channel
> I make a 1 bit long derived bitfield channel called 'flag0'
> KST the reads the raw channel 'flag_raw' ok, but reads the 'flag0' wrong.
> I've seen it either show no datapoints, or show all zeros.
> Reproducible: Always
> The gzipped compressed data was written using pygetdata. I checked, and
> pygetdata can read the gzipped bitfields properly.

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