[Kst] Time axis does not update after changing sample frequency

Ben Lewis egretengineering at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 10:40:28 UTC 2013


Is this a bug?

1. Import a CSV file with multiple columns using the data wizard. In the configuration options 
select "Use Date/Time Interpretation" and "Index with Frequency".
2. Change the sample frequency of any vector except the Index vector (Data Manager > Right click 
vector > Edit > Configure... > change value of "Index with Frequency").
3. Note that the time axis does not change to reflect the change in sampling frequency.
4. (Optional) Repeat for as many vectors as are present in the CSVfile. The time axis does not update.
5. Change the sample frequency of the Index vector to match the other vectors. Note when you enter 
the configuration dialogue box the sample frequency will display the new value as expected. There is 
no need to change anything, just click Ok and Apply and the time axis is updated to the correct value.

I would expect that editig the sample frequency of any vector from an ASCII file would update the 
time axis.

Shall I submit a bug request?

Regards, Ben

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