[Kst] Sparse Ascii data

David McMinn david.mcminn at iwcdownhole.com
Wed Nov 20 09:04:42 UTC 2013

Hi Nicolas,

When you say that Kst skips the point you should perhaps make it clear that it causes a gap in the line (it stops drawing at the previous point and starts drawing at the next point), rather than drawing a line directly from the previous to the next point.


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It is indeed the responsibility of the data source to decide what to do with missing data. The nice way to handle it is to return a NaN value, so that Kst skips the point when drawing the curve. I think we used to do this in Kst 1.x, and that's what we should do here.


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Is there already a way to handle sparse Ascii data (data with missing values at some rows)?

N, Col1, Col2
1,    1,    2
2,     ,    2
3,    1,    2

The idea is to a have a plot for Col1 which is a horizontal line at 1 which does not draw down to zero at row 2.

Is it possible to set a "ignore this value" in the vector, or is it the responsibility of the data source plugin to not add a zero-value at such a entry when reading the file?

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