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Justine Quiamco justine.aov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 02:34:09 UTC 2012

Hi KstTeam,

My name is Justine Quiamco, an internet marketing specialist working at
Agents of Value, I stumbled across your website after some organized yet
random Googling. And I was thinking, maybe, you might be interested in our
free website logo design offer. Yes, it is 100% percent free and it's our
company's way of helping out while presenting our services, and expertise
and skill in designing.
*I think your website looks great and simple, and your software Kst is
really awesome! Having the fastest dataset viewer around, and having it for
free is really an early Christmas present for all the users who will want
to get it. As a reward to your noble endeavors, our company would like to
offer you a free business card design -- in case you ever need one to
represent your website and the services it offers.

So if you, by any chance, are interested and want us to create a fresh
design for your website logo, or a professional business card design, or
any type of design work for that matter, please follow the link below and
fill up the form to send in your design requirement(s).


As I mentioned above, this is free of charge and has no fee involved,
however, we'd appreciate a link back to our site, in case you like our
design. Or you could refer us to some of your friends or partners... Thank
you Kst Team!


Justine Quiamco
Internet Marketing Specialist
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